About Us

We are committed to the rare disease community beyond the development of meaningful therapies.

We are dedicated to delivering advances in oligonucleotide based medicines.

Hanugen Therapeutics was established to provide high quality oligonucleotides. Oligonucleotides are now used in academic and commercial research in the fields of genetics, genomics, molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology and nanotechnology. We supply a wide range of custom-made unmodified and chemically modified oligonucleotides with high standards of quality assurance for small and large scale applications.

We interact with our customers before ordering, suggesting modifications that will give the best results, both in the synthesis of the oligo and in subsequent biochemical experiments. We welcome customer feedback.

Hanugen Therapeutics is committed in developing improved methods of oligonucleotide synthesis and for the design of superior modified oligos.

Hanugen Therapeutics is interested in establishing partnerships with companies and organisations with complementary interests. In the past, such partnerships with have been critical in the growth of several large biotech companies.

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